Monday, June 25, 2007

Smart BiteBloc

The two-piece Microstream® CO2 Smart BiteBloc™, with detachable cannula, enables O2 delivery and CO2 monitoring during upper endoscopy as well as in the pre- and post-operative settings.

Download (pdf-File, 1079 KB)

The advantages of the new Smart BiteBloc™ include:

Enhanced patient safety during upper endoscopic procedures requiring a bite block. Continuous CO2 monitoring is now possible, without compromise of patient position or endoscopic technique.

Cost Effectiveness and Value with no need for a second cannula to be used prior to, or after the procedure. The Smart BiteBloc™ system provides a detachable cannula for continued O2 delivery and CO2 monitoring for as long as you need it. Three functions are performed with the Smart BiteBloc™ system: monitors CO2, delivers O2, and protects the endoscope. Additionally, the adjustable strap allows one size to fit all patients.

High performance qualities of the Smart BiteBloc™ include maintaining exceptional scope maneuverability and bite block stability throughout the procedure. Additionally, the Smart BiteBloc™ system delivers up to 5 liters of O2 without waveform dilution.

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