Sunday, June 17, 2007

The genuine Ambu bag has become even better

The genuine Ambu bag was introduced in Denmark 50 years ago. Dr. Holger Hesse, founder of Ambu, designed it in collaboration with professor Henning Ruben. The double wall concept revolutionized manual resuscitation and changed the way healthcare providers responded to emergency breathing conditions forever.

Immediately recognized as a milestone in emergency medical care, the genuine Ambu bag became an international sensation. Today, genuine Ambu bags are used for manual resuscitation in hospitals, by ambulance services – in fact in all kinds of emergency environments all over the world.

The double wall concept has evolved over the years, and the Mark III generation is still by many considered the best resuscitator in the world. After listening to the needs of critical and emergency respiratory care providers around the world, we have now redesigned the genuine Ambu bag.

The new and improved Mark IV resuscitators are easier to hold, easier to use, completely autoclavable for reuse and even more effective at what Ambu bags have been especially designed to help you do for more than fifty years - keep patients breathing.

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