Sunday, June 17, 2007

CAREvent Automatic Transport Ventilators

The CAREvent® Automatic Transport Ventilators are lightweight, portable, durable and simple to use, control module style, automatic time/volume cycled ventilators. They are completely pneumatic (no batteries required) and deliver breath by breath consistency in delivered tidal volume, frequency, inspiratory/expiratory times and flow rates. This consistency is not achievable with a bag-valve-mask resuscitator and prevents gastric inflation and high intrathoracic pressure.

Designed primarily for the demands of emergency rescue, resuscitation and critical care patient transports, the CAREvent® ventilators provide functionality normally only found in high end electronic ventilators.

Five models are available to meet the various functionality and budgetary needs. Features available include:

* “Demand Breathing” for the spontaneously breathing patient
* Manual Override Ventilation to supplement automatic ventilations if required and activate delayed cycling when a 30:2 CPR protocol is being performed.
* Flexibility in breath volume and frequency delivery to ventilate patients from 5 kg. to large adults (note ALS+ suitable for patients from 15 kg.)
* CPAP to provide non-invasive treatment for patients with CHF, COPD and PE. This provides one space saving device for oxygen therapy, CPAP treatment, resuscitation and ventilation (ALS+, ATV+ and MRI).
* Auto Cycling Shut-Off and Re-Start to synchronized ventilation for patients moving in and out of respiratory arrest. Note: In the child settings the inspired flow rate of the patient may be insufficient to cause the Automatic Circuit Shut off to function.
* Airway Pressure Gauge to provide visual monitoring of the patient and ventilator settings.
* An Audible and Visual Low Gas Supply Warning.
* Audible and Visual Indicator for a circuit disconnect or when delivered tidal volumes are insufficient (ATV+ and MRI)
* Guideline 2000 and Guideline 2005 Versions Available


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