Sunday, June 17, 2007

Diamond Fibrelight Laryngoscopes

Brighter light, premium quality and performance for life†

The Diamond Range is a fully interchangeable, internationally compatible laryngoscope system that sets the standards by which all others are judged

* Excellent fibreoptics and gold switch contacts - able to withstand repeated autoclave treatment
* Five year guarantee on light guide, and lifetime guarantee† on all blades and handles
* Removable light guide design - extends blade life, and allows easier cleaning and polishing
* Quality you can trust
* Superior polished finish - easy to clean and sterilise
* Xenon lamp mounted in handle - no problems
with electrical contacts between blade and handle
* Cool, bright light - no chance of tissue burns from hot lamps during lengthy intubations
* Convenient single size standard Penlon lamp for all handle sizes

MRI Applications

* Standard handle only (plus any blade)
* Important - use a paper covered 3 volt lithium battery and non-magnetic spacer to hold the single battery in place

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