Sunday, June 17, 2007

Bone Injection Gun

Intraosseous Infusions (IO) were introduced in the early 1920's. Since then a lot of research took place and it is now a well known fact that Adult intraosseous (IO) is the alternative in emergencies when an IV access cannot be established.

The BIG (Bone Injection Gun) was developed to help caregivers save lives, while using a fast and safe device. This product has been distributed since 2001, and is constantly making a difference in the Emergency field.


BIG- Bone Injection Gun, is a novel, automatic intraosseous infusion device that provides rapid, safe and easy intravascular access through the bone marrow. The BIG is an effective answer to unsuccessful intravenous access during adult Trauma and Emergencies, which dramatically increases the caregiver's ability to save lives.
The BIG (Bone Injection Gun) Intraosseous Injection device completely eliminates delays in IV access. For administering fluids and medications under field conditions in the Military scene, BIG (Bone Injection Gun) provides the perfect solution.

In addition to the prehospital application the BIG offers a good solution for in hospital Anasthesia.

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