Sunday, June 17, 2007


Radical is the most advanced, yet flexible pulse oximeter in the world. In addition to being the most feature-packed, stand-alone pulse oximeter available, Radical can operate in two additional modes. The front module of Radical can be removed, creating a fully featured handheld pulse oximeter, ideal for transport. Radical can also be used to upgrade existing equipment through the sensor connector, thus not requiring additinal hardware or software upgrades to improve the performance of your current multiparameter monitor to Masimo SET.

* Masimo SET is the proven gold standard in reading through motion & low perfusion to reduce false alarms and detect true eventsThe Radical is a fully featured Standalone pulse oximeter
* The Radical is a fully featured Handheld pulse oximeter
* The Radical interfaces to validated multiparameter patient monitors to replace the existing conventional pulse oximetry with Masimo SET pulse oximetry.
* Unprecedented specificity and sensitivity. Essentially eliminates false alarms and detects virtually all true alarms.
* Accurate during most patient movement, including shivering, combativeness, neonatal movement, and seizures. Motion and Low Perfusion Study
* Accurate during low perfusion.
* Accurate during intense ambient light and resists electrocautery interference.

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