Thursday, November 24, 2011

Thermogard XP Temperature Management System

Thermogard XP Temperature Management System

Thermogard XP Temperature Management System (therapeutic hypothermia)Precise and Rapid Control

The Thermogard XP® Temperature Management System provides the next level of precise and rapid control of your patient's core temperature for both cooling and warming applications.
The Thermogard XP System can handle even the most challenging temperature management situations with additional cooling power unmatched by any other method on the market.
The target temperature and rate of temperature change are set on the Thermogard XP system which controls the temperature of the saline flowing within the Alsius Catheter balloons.
Patient and system data are automatically sampled every 60 seconds and a change in patient temperature as small as 0.01°C triggers an immediate adjustment in the saline temperature.
Thermogard Temperature Management System ScreeenThermogard Temperature Manamgement Graph Trend
View current patient and system data on the system display or synchronize with your hospital monitor.
Track patient and system data and electronically transfer to the patient's file.

Same User-Friendly Interface And Functionality As CoolGard 3000

For hospitals currently using a CoolGard 3000® System, bringing a Thermogard XP system on-line will be fast and easy.
  • Identical operation and user interface
  • No difference in disposable inventory - same start-up kits/samecatheters can be used on both systems
  • No need to retrain nursing staff

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